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Biomat USA Calexico

Biomat USA Calexico

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Biomat USA is a part of Grifols, a global health-care company that produces live-saving medicines out of plasma. There is a center right here in Calexico at 336 East 2nd St. Right now, patients around the world—maybe even people you know—are relying on plasma-derived medicine to treat life-threatening illnesses or chronic conditions. When you donate plasma, you help save lives.

Plasma, the liquid portion of the blood, contains essential proteins and antibodies that help our bodies properly function. Without enough of any one of these proteins, a person could have or develop a life-threatening illness. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted collections by stay-at-home orders and social-distancing measures so plasma donors are needed now more than ever to make these medicines.

Donating plasma is a painless procedure that thousands of people do each day. Plasma is mostly water which the body quickly regenerates so donors can safely donate plasma more often - up to twice a week with a full day between donations.

Donors are essential, especially during these times, so all Grifols centers have implemented protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including physical distancing throughout our facilities, enhanced cleaning processes, temperature monitoring, and requiring face coverings inside the centers. The safety of our donors and employees is Grifols number one priority.

Every time someone gives plasma at a Grifols donor center, it will go towards people who need plasma-based treatments medicines. Answer the call now, because patients can’t wait. Visit us today!

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